NanoBank Beta Test Limited Use Data Policy

The following rules are an additional condition of access to NanoBank data for the duration of the Beta Test period over and beyond the Terms of Use posted on They apply only until the data is publicly available on when only the required acknowledgements and other Terms of Use conditions for all public users become the only remaining restrictions. The data may not be used for any other purpose besides that in your approved request for early access. Each person on your team will be assigned an individual user name and password. There will be no sharing of user name and password. Once you have a user name and password available to you, you agree to safeguard your access/password because any unauthorized use of that account will be individual responsibility.

By your first login on your personal named account, you commit to guard that access as you would your credit cards or cash, and not to share it with any others. You further commit to reporting any loss of your personal control over that account or password at once to Jason Fong <1-310-325-3227>, or Lynne Zucker <>, or Michael Darby <>.

If you have any questions about the above policy, please ask for clarification. If not, please send a reply (email is fine) that tells us you understand the policy and will abide by it.