Welcome to Nanobank!

Nanobank is a digital library containing a collection of documents related to various topics in the nanotechnology field. These documents currently include scientific journal articles, patents, and government grants. This dataset contains bibliographic information, including titles, abstracts, publication years, and author names. Information on associated organizations is also provided. This includes unique IDs for each distinct organization and geocoding information for their locations.

A more detailed description of the available fields and the structure of the data can be found in the Nanobank codebook.

The Nanobank dataset is available for use in your own research. Apply for access to the Nanobank dataset by sending your full contact information and a short abstract describing your intended use of Nanobank to Lynne Zucker <zucker@ucla.edu>.

Please note the conditions of use for the dataset:
Nanobank Beta Test Limited Use Data Policy